Our client was a Polish government agency which specialises in the promotion of the region.


  • Promote the region during the World Travel Market 2015 without a promotional stand
  • Obtain new business partners for the client
  • Obtain coverage of the region in the Polish media from the UK and British media
  • Invite British and Polish media representatives and potential business partners to visit the region for a study tour organised by the client.

What did we do?

  • We planned and organised the event, which included a presentation on the region and sample of traditional cuisine from the Voivodeship, held in a Polish restaurant in London
  • We invited Polish and British tourism journalists, tour operators and travel agency representatives and other potential partners who were exhibiting during WTM
  • We produced a press release and an invitation and distributed them to the relevant Polish and British media outlets and then followed them up to generate as much interest from as many publications as possible.

The whole activity was implemented within three weeks.


We secured coverage in over 20 PR publications in the Polish media in the UK and from five in British media. We also invited eight journalists for a study tour organised by the client, which resulted in a relationship with three new partners.