• Our team has put together a presentation on ethnic insights, which include facts and opinions on the Polish community living in Britain. Send us an email and we will forward you the presentation.

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  • A telecommunications company – case study

    One of our clients was an international telecommunications company which offered cheap international phone calls from mobile phones.

  • A charity – case study

    Another of our clients was an organisation which received Scottish government funds to organise the Scottish Tides-Polish Spring festival, targeting Poles living in Scotland. The event was part of the Homecoming Scotland 2009 festival and Polska! Year.


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  • A recruitment agency – case study

    Another company we assisted with their ethnic marketing was a dynamic and developing recruitment agency, which offered employment in the furniture industry.

  • A publishing company – case study

    This company was set up in 2007. A publishing company producing teaching materials for Polish driving licence exams in Great Britain.


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  • An insurance company – case study

    Our client was a Polish insurance company, who provide cover for the Polish community living in the UK.