• Challenges of modern marketer

    Expectations from today’s marketers are increasing almost every day, and they are coming at us from every angle. We have to fine-tune our technical skills, and continually up-date ourselves on trends and the community’s needs. Once valuable insights are gained from the research we have carried out, there is yet again something new already waiting to be discovered. In such […]

  • 6 Mistakes Content Creators Need to Avoid

    We are living on the edge of the information and experience era. Almost everyone has their digital identity, which is demonstrated by social media profiles, websites or even e-mail addresses. A great majority of brands invest in some kind of social exposure and brand identity assets.  This is a particularly challenging time for content creators. We have to shift our […]

  • What should you avoid when communicating with Polish Customers?

    Multicultural audiences have become the fastest growing segment of consumers in Great Britain since 2004, with a growing demographic of more than 3.5 million people from Europe. According to The Migration Observatory approx. 2.2 million EU born citizens were employed in the UK labour market in 2016. 73% of EU nationals came to the UK to work, followed by 21% […]

  • 5 important insights worth remembering when communicating with Polish consumers

    Against all the odds — Brexit, EU crisis, refugee flood to the Western World – Poland is continuing to grow economically stronger than ever before. According to recent figures, the country could become a major player in the European economy game, on a global stage. But, are Poles prepared to come back to their country of birth, or are they […]

  • How to create contagious content for your brand

    I am sure that you have heard the phrase, ‘content is king,’ hundreds of times. We all know how important it is for brands to find appropriate language and message for their communication. But, even if we tick all the boxes, sometimes content we put through to the target audience, don’t seem to be remembered and are certainly not shared […]

  • Top Communication Trends in 2017

    When we think about the future, most of us can say that it is unpredictable. For instance, who could have predicted more than a year ago, that in 2016 we would have major changes on the world political scene that would have a huge impact on everyone’s life? However, unlike the future of politics, we can actually predict some communication […]

  • Top 8 Mistakes of Content Marketing

    What do you think about first, when it comes to creating communication strategy? Is it brand identity; is it brand values, sales goals, ROI?  In this digital era of information, when letting audiences experience your brand seems to be a more relevant way to communicate than posting facts about your product, content creators have a particularly challenging time. Our aim […]

  • Context marketing – from brand with love

    Are you still attached to the classic, impersonalized, marketing approach targeted at demographic segments? It is time to change! Your customers are no longer looking for long, detailed information about products, or salesy stuff. We see approx. 5000 messages a day – that’s a fact – and if we don’t value the information, sooner or later, we delete them. The […]

  • The hidden secrets of successful brands

    Have you ever wondered why your marketing campaign is not effective and the audience is not connecting to your brand? Or why brands like Coca-Cola or Apple are still the top choices for many consumers and why the situation hasn’t changed for years? The answer can be found in neuromarketing. All the big players have something in common; they invest […]