• Conceptual Consumption – the journey to the core of a brand

    Traditional marketing is a little bit like a guessing game. Although we use complicated metrics to measure results, we still cannot plan effective campaigns without using neuroscience and the right mindset to create the overall brand experience, as opposed to marketing messages designed to persuade your audience to buy. Why does our brain buy certain things and avoid others? Why […]

  • 20 Ultimate Guidelines to Setting up an Effective YouTube campaign

    A good marketing funnel provides unique value at every step of a customer’s journey. It gives the audience what they desire, and satisfies their needs. In this ideal situation, video marketing is one of the most effective tools you can think of to deliver a clear, consistent and simple message, regardless of whether it is only a tutorial showing how […]

  • Instagram PRO tips for marketers

    Content plays a leading role on the Internet and this trend will definitely be still noticeable in 2018. All visual materials – graphics, photos and videos – are becoming more and more significant. Now, the simplest and most popular platform for this type of communication is Instagram. Do you know how to make sure your brand profile looks professional? Take […]

  • 10 Top Tools to help you design your marketing visuals

    If you are working in the marketing industry or running your own business, you surely know how important visual assets might change a client’s perception of your brands. It is worth remembering that visual information gets to our brain more effectively and can persuade your audience more than anything, even the greatest piece of copywriting. According to Kissmetrics, over 65% […]

  • The Best ‘Mum&Baby’ Marketing Strategies for brands targeting Polish mums

    According to the National Statistics show that over 75% of children born in some areas of the UK last year were of foreign origin, 3.3% of whom were Polish. In 2015, babies born to Polish parents in the UK, numbered 22,900 according to the National Statistics. This is a whopping 23,000 new potential clients for your brands, with approx. parents […]

  • Challenges of modern marketer

    Expectations from today’s marketers are increasing almost every day, and they are coming at us from every angle. We have to fine-tune our technical skills, and continually up-date ourselves on trends and the community’s needs. Once valuable insights are gained from the research we have carried out, there is yet again something new already waiting to be discovered. In such […]

  • 6 Mistakes Content Creators Need to Avoid

    We are living on the edge of the information and experience era. Almost everyone has their digital identity, which is demonstrated by social media profiles, websites or even e-mail addresses. A great majority of brands invest in some kind of social exposure and brand identity assets.  This is a particularly challenging time for content creators. We have to shift our […]

  • What should you avoid when communicating with Polish Customers?

    Multicultural audiences have become the fastest growing segment of consumers in Great Britain since 2004, with a growing demographic of more than 3.5 million people from Europe. According to The Migration Observatory approx. 2.2 million EU born citizens were employed in the UK labour market in 2016. 73% of EU nationals came to the UK to work, followed by 21% […]

  • 5 important insights worth remembering when communicating with Polish consumers

    Against all the odds — Brexit, EU crisis, refugee flood to the Western World – Poland is continuing to grow economically stronger than ever before. According to recent figures, the country could become a major player in the European economy game, on a global stage. But, are Poles prepared to come back to their country of birth, or are they […]